Thankful and No Pumpkin Pie

As most people know, Thanksgiving is solely a North American holiday and finding all the Thanksgiving “essentials” isn’t as easy. No cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and until yesterday we thought no turkey. Thankfully, I brought Lola and Zoey with me to the store and Lola’s determination yielded one!

It’s funny because we don’t have any family around, except of course for each other, but the kids don’t complain about it. They are so happy to just be preparing for the holidays and be as involved in the process as possible. They are in the kitchen making cookies, helping with the pies, and cleaning. It is nice when you can share those kinds of responsibilities, and it certainly fosters a sense of community in our own family as we work towards a common goal…dessert and lots of food haha.

On that note, I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving (whether you celebrate it or not) with lots of community, love, and food!


Lola and Zoey making apple pie inspired by Ro from Nerdy Nummies on youtube!

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