Taking Advice From Seth Godin

I tend to take more time than I would like making a post (eye roll). I was just listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast earlier today where he interviews Seth Godin, and Seth’s sound advice was, “blog everyday.” It sounds counterintuitive to think that I could blog everyday when it takes me weeks to even post one paragraph.

The thing is, I very well could post everyday. How does anyone become a prolific “anything”, they do it and they do it often. Bad work over and over again eventually produces  good work (that was another tidbit by Seth Godin). I sincerely believe that and I sincerely believe that a lot of us are afraid of doing bad work and allowing that to be seen. That seems obvious but I don’t think we actually sit and think about that or act on it as much as we’d like to think. It takes a good amount of vulnerability to be seen that way, but it also allows for more connection to others. We all want to know that we aren’t alone in our flawed humanity. So here I am,  I am flawed and I know that. I will put up many bad posts lol but hopefully some good ones emerge.

I am inspired by Seth Godin’s simple advice and I intend to follow it. My blog here isn’t intended to be a “travel blog” although it was begun to follow our adventure down here to South America. It is actually about why we made this journey and then where that leads us. Why did we? My first post addresses this more, and it was because we felt compelled to (for various reasons that I will address in other posts). This has been something we’ve wanted to pursue for a long time and we eventually decided to just do it. We could have been compelled to start a business stateside or any other various thing. The point being, whatever it is you feel you need to do (as long as it isn’t the pursuit of harming others lol) I think you need to trust that.

This is my short and sweet post for the day.

See you tomorrow!

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