Create Like Children

We don’t have a t.v. down here, (we have the Ipad but it’s limited to fin de semana  (the weekend) and because there is not even an option to ask to watch anything, the kids automatically find themselves creating their own world. Zoey loves handcrafting things and her goal for this Christmas season was to make all of our Christmas stockings, which she labeled our “travel stockings.”

Down here in Ecuador every shop has a very specific product, the paper stores “papelerias”, or the fruit stores, bakeries, electronic stores, diaper stores. There isn’t a Target where you can just go and get all of these items. We have to venture to each store to get different things, which is fun in its own right and kind of charming. There is a fabric store in our neighborhood. So, Zoey, Lola, and I purchased all the fabric and tools for about $11 on Sunday. This morning after finishing her school Zoey sat down in her room, with the Christmas music on, and created her 1st of 6 stockings. It was simple, it was a self determined project, and it filled her with pride.

Kids are amazingly innovative, creative, and goal oriented. Point being, I want to grow up to be a kid again. Being a creative being is what keeps the world going, it is why the internet exists, it is why new businesses pop up, it is why the agricultural movement ever happened. It isn’t just limited to the arts, and it is something I think we all need to cultivate.


(Zoey and her stocking)

(featured image: Lola teaching herself how to play the guitar)

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