El Mundo es Muy Grande (The World is Very Big)

I have many different themes I want to focus on for this blog, some have to do with more practical things like how to cook for a larger family on a budget with a nothing more than a 2 burner stove! haha…ah yes, the trials of limitations. I also plan on adding some videos through a youtube channel, so stay tuned!

One of the things I also wanted to discuss was what motivates us to even do this. I did touch on it in previous posts, especially in our first blog post. I said that we came here because we felt compelled to. As a couple with 4 kids we realize that to be the best examples to our kids means to actualize who we are as individuals, so that they hopefully know and do the same for themselves as they grow. We need to consistently go after what we feel truly compelled to do. We have always wanted “..to see the world!”(It’s a wonderful life :)), not just as a couple, but as a family.  I want to see and experience other cultures and for my family to as well. I want my kids to be impressed upon by multiple traditions, values, and people. I want them to appreciate others and to love more, to be more compassionate, to be more understanding and I believe and hope that this experience will help to do this. This is one aspect of going after what we feel we need to do, there are many others that aren’t yet understand, but I believe that you need to keep moving in order to realize and find that.

I have already seen the impact being here has had on our kids. I see fears disappearing, compassion rising, and curiosity growing. The experience at the orphanage has been amazing so far, the kids beg to go back as soon as they can. Many different volunteers are there for different reasons. Our reasons are that we just want to help out, it’s not religious, it’s not because we are missionaries, because we aren’t, we just want to offer ourselves as much as we are able. I believe we need to love and care for each other and there are many ways to do that, this is one. The orphanage and what it gives is amazing and we are so lucky to be able to help there and experience this. I am impressed every time I go there. The kids are so cared for and loved and the Tias, Tios, volunteers, and everyone that works there are just beautiful human beings with the biggest hearts.

Speaking of big hearts, our Spanish teacher is one of the kindest and loving people we know here. Many Ecuadorians are so kind and willing to help without you even having to ask. Our teacher knows we are looking for a place and wants to lend us an oven, fridge, 3 beds, and a sofa. She just had us over for lunch on Saturday and we helped her cook some traditional Ecuadorian food. It was delicioso! She is incredibly cheerful, and it’s a breath of fresh air being around people like this. Here are some pics of our time!


Zoey, Henry and our teacher taking a break from cooking


Grant helping with his strong brazos (arms) mashing potatoes


preparing the beat/carrot salad


making delicious a potato pancake-like side, which Ms. P. called tortillas


All the kids seated for a delicious lunch, potato tortillas, carrot/beat/cilantro salad, chorizo, a fried egg with fresh squeezed tree tomato juice, which was SOOOOOO good, oh man, I’m craving some now. Tree tomatoes are a staple here.


Close up of Zoey delving into some good food. …and look at all that fresh juice.

I will update on our house/apt hunting probably within a couple days. Checking out a place tomorrow! Fingers crossed:)!

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