Finding Quito

One thing that I realize is essential in acclimating to a new place–>exploration. Honestly, cabin fever, lonesomeness, or general homesickness dissipates so easily when just stepping out.

So, I woke up early yesterday morning right before we were headed to the Quito Zoo. I headed to the bakery at about 7:30am, just a 5 minute walk from us. Not only was the fresh, cool morning air uplifting, but the walk back from the bakery was the therapy I needed. I wish I could show you what I saw. It was an expansive view of the mountains with the morning haze whipped around them like scarves. I almost wanted to just breathe in the image because it was so beautiful.

It’s easy to forget certain needs, like sanity, when so many other things are pulling your attention. Such things as school, cooking, cleaning, life… I will talk about that more in a different post. For now, onto exploring.

Exploration. Grant and James have done a bit without me and the kids, and found some pretty awesome spots here in Quito.  One of which was a German brewery/ restaurant. (name? I’ll have to find out ) James had just returned from an extended stay in Europe and spent much of his time with his lovely girlfriend Anna in Germany. So finding a spot like this was fun for them. Not only that, but the owner was born in Germany. He is half German/ half Ecuadorian and started his own brewery here a few years ago. Let’s just say Grant and especially James were very impressed by not only the amazing cervezas but the food and good company. (They brought me back a soft pretzel and that made me especially happy:)

They’ve also explored a bit more of Centro Historico (Old town)and were the first to venture out on the bus system. …Which is only $0.25 for adults and $0.12 for older kids up to 18. Not a bad bargain for transportation.


One of James’ purchases from his trek to Centro Historico with Grant…and his wonderful demonstration on it’s multi-uses.

A few days ago we took a taxi over to Parque Bicentenario which is a repurposed airport. The big landing strip is used for biking, walking, running whatever you want, and you will definitely get your workout doing either of those things because not only is it long but it is incredibly windy. Beside the strip are different sections of the park which extend all the way down, ending in a sculpture park. It was a fun little outing, and it is just really nice finding out about different spots around here.


Walking on the landing strip


Large sculptures of dogs, and some beautiful clouds.


Grant taking a photo of kids, can you spot James?


small pond at the park



snow capped mountain in the background!

We all ventured out on buses the other day. We started off early and didn’t get home until about 7:30pm. It was long and well worth the trip. We went to Centro Historico, got something to eat, finally got a SIM card for me, and explored one of the many incredible churches in Quito. If you want to feel transported to something beautiful, something more heavenly, it definitely feels that way entering these churches. I’ve seen churches like this in pictures, but never in person, and it is just something you have to experience on your own.


Henry on the bus!


Naomi is always excited about new adventures


Walking around downtown

Like I said, getting out and exploring, even if it is just a short walk, has been such an essential aspect to us adjusting to life here. And I realize that sounds obvious, but in the day to day, you sometimes forget that when juggling family responsibilities.

Ok, so for now I will say Ciao (that’s how they say an informal goodbye here)

I will update about out Zoo adventures with FHC and our potential trip to the Otovalo Market tomorrow, soon!

2 thoughts on “Finding Quito

  1. It looks like you are doing a great job balancing helping others and enjoying your family time. It is so great to see your family helping those less fortunate. I’m sure just having your family around to see what a family is supposed to look like is an invaluable gem to the children at the orphanage. I was wondering if you pray with the children? Thanks for sharing your experience. God bless you!


    • Thank you for reaching out! The kids at FHC are honestly most blessed by all the amazing people there, if anything we are receiving more from this experience. We obviously hope to have a positive impact on the kids as well! We actually are not religious, but just want to help out at For His Children. It is a Christian organization and it really is amazing, but we aren’t religious ourselves. Thank you for your encouragement!


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