Babies and Earthquakes

At the orphanage here in Quito, there are two houses, one is Casa Vaughn and the other is Casa Harlow. Zoey and I have spent our time at Casa Vaughn where all the babies are. Grant, Lola, Naomi and Henry have spent their time at Casa Harlow where all the older kids up to age 6 are. (There is an FHC location in Latacunga for not only younger children but also older children and for those with more serious needs)


In back of Casa Harlow

Zoey loves to help take care of the babies. Watching her and listening to her observations on the different kids is really something. I didn’t expect her to like doing this at all, to be honest. She is a homebody, she isn’t particularly fond of change, and she likes doing her own thing. Surprisingly, she looks forward to going and she expresses every time that she really loves helping out. She has all of the kids names memorized with pride and she loves accepting responsibility. She made sure today that she was feeding at least one of them dinner.

Grant and the other kids get to be rowdy and play on the trampoline, doing more older kid activities, which they all love. Henry is always completely worn out after playing with all of the kids, he actually asks to go to bed now.

We meet other volunteers, local and international, quite often. There are so many differing groups and reasons why people come in to help out and it’s just really cool to meet them and gain perspective on what they are doing. I met a woman this past week that comes back every few years because she adopted her child from here years ago. Sometimes there are huge groups that come in, sometimes it is just us.


Hip hop dancers from California performing for the children


Dancers from California that are performing for the children


James, Grant, and Henry sitting and watching the dance performance at FHC

The children have their Tias and Tios who are their caretakers. They are amazing, friendly, loving, helpful and when you see the kids reactions when they enter the room, you know they are very well loved. Zoey and I will be playing with the little ones, having fun, but as soon as a Tia pops her head in all the babies start yelling and crawling, scooting, or slithering to get closer to them. Like I said, they are very loved here. And that concludes my recent update on FHC. We were sick for a week and were unable to go over much, but we will be back tomorrow!

Here are some pics of our “night life” here in Quito.


Zoey drawing a portrait of Lola


Henry peeking at the view of the city from our back window. (James and Grant also pictured)


Me on our bed taking a pic of Grant in the kitchen

…..Just as I’m finishing this post….we have just experienced our first earthquake…that was crazy! It felt like we were on water. It was nothing major, so those that know us, don’t worry, we are fine. ….And then we just experienced a slightly worse one. Still nothing major, but a something we are definitely not used to.

In the next blog post, our friend James is here! Also Grant and James adventures in discovering the nooks and crannies of Quito.