Truth and Tales

I know the whole idea of what we are doing has met with a mixed bag of feelings/thoughts/words, which I get and understand. Some of the thoughts I’m sure are even romanticized. I can assure you that there has been a mixed bag of feelings even after arriving here. It isn’t all beauty and adventure, but also doubt, fear, homesickness for certain foods (like a fresh gallon of milk which seems beyond my sight or grasp). It has only been 2 weeks, so the adjustment period isn’t over, and developed friendships haven’t happened yet, but are beginning, which I’m looking forward to.

After the planning and efforts towards making this happen, in a sense, I’m left with “now what?”

Grant did a talk at an event called “Pechakucha” back in February ( The theme of his particular talk was about maintaining “a constant” within change (Which was specifically explained with our intentions to move to Ecuador). I was at the talk and I even talked it out with him, but somehow I forgot that point during the move here.


(Grant giving his talk at Pechakucha)

“How to maintain our normal within the change and flux of this move.” It certainly is an entirely different atmosphere than what we are used to.

I am used to hot weather,clear beautiful water, and white sandy beaches. I’m used to having a heated home with hot water for a shower. I’m used to going to my parents house each Sunday for my dad’s famous pasta and meatballs (you will not find better). I’m used to having some sort of routine, albeit a bit loose for most.

In our now small brick cottage, set on top of this mountain, with just a candle to light the room after the kids have gone to sleep, Grant and I snuggled under several blankets to keep warm, and I bring up my feelings of confusion…

I’ve lost sight of  how to keep our feelings of normalcy within the change that we are experiencing.

It was honestly so simple.

A routine.

Something that simple seemed to alleviate the stress that I was feeling.

We have fallen behind with school because of the move, so the kids are doing school through the “Summer” or how it feels to me, the Fall.

Our small but significant routine–> Each morning we have breakfast, make our beds, get dressed and do school. Two days a week we have Spanish lessons at the house, and MWF, and sometimes Sat. we will be volunteering at the orphanage.


Having something to follow, even as simple as this, just seems to give me a clearer focus of what we are doing and to organize my personal and family goals.

(UPDATE: had my first hot shower this morning after Grant showed me a trick haha, it’s the small things sometimes:)

(Clarification: We do have electricity! We have candle light at night, because we don’t have a lamp, and we are all in a one room cottage, so lights are out when kids go to sleep:)

(Next post I will update on our actual experience at FHC!)

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  1. Thanks for the perspective. I’m freaking if we are 5 minutes late for swim lessons, and whining if the temp in the house is a little higher than I’d like, and here you are with no electricity. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us- I’m already learning a lot, and looking forward to more. I hope you feel better quickly- no family routine can survive a sick Mama. 💜


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