The Orphanage


When we started off on this path, our intention was to experience this vast world with our children, and to learn about other cultures through immersion. We didn’t initially think about volunteering somewhere until my parents steered us in that direction. We had thought maybe we would go down to Argentina and experience living there for a while, and hopefully we still do that.

In the meantime…

As it happens, we know a family who started a home for children here in Quito, Para Sus Niños / For His Children, over 25 years ago. I’ve heard some of what it took to build this, and heard of some of the difficult yet beautiful experiences they went through to bring this vision to fruition. So this is where we will be volunteering! Doing something like this, especially with our kids, gives them something I can’t teach in a book or through a speech.


(This was taken at FHC after our first day helping out)

Before starting off at the orphanage we have been bouncing around different “hotels, motels…”air b n bbbbbs. Through the help of some great people at the orphanage, we were connected with someone renting a small home.


This week we moved within a minute’s walk of FHC (For His Children)! We are set up in a one-room cozy cottage that is lined with bunkbeds. It has a small kitchenette and overlooks the incredible mountains. Our neighbors are the nicest people and they have children all the same ages as ours.


(Our new home)

I’m not sure how long we will be here, or how long we will be volunteering. I don’t how the kids will take all of this long term, or how we will even handle it all, but I’m glad we have begun. (I will update soon on how things have been past week!)