Before the Journey Began…

(Written May 19th, 2016)

It’s been 7 months since we decided to move down to South America, and we are closing on our house next Friday!

In the hustle and bustle of trying to move, I’ve also been trying to get all of our medical needs taken care of, one of which is having a tonsillectomy today. And even though I had surgery, things just need to be done and have to happen, like cleaning out our house and getting rid of the rest of our furniture.

I am not the type to be incredibly attached to my belongings. Leaving this house isn’t sad. It held a lot of good memories, we met a lot of great friends, and we had mostly all of our family staying with us at one time or another.

To put it into perspective, this was one leg of our journey and not our final one. It is understandable to want to have the comfort and stability that a home offers and I recognize that it is a valuable thing in life. We have moved rather often, so that was never something we held on to. I feel like this house was our anchor here and now we are pulling up and sailing to some other beautiful part of this world.

Our family has always been such a strong support to us.  Wherever we are they essentially with us, maybe not physically, but through love and support and hopefully visits, they will be.

One of our dear friends, James, had so much faith in what we were doing, that he bought a plane ticket in January to stay with us!

FullSizeRender 2

It is that love and support from even our friends that strengthens us on this adventure.  In these moves, we have made such valuable connections and we are excited to do that all around the world.

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