Compelled Toward the Unknown.

HouseLike most people, my husband Grant and I have always talked about traveling, seeing the world, and exploring other cultures. We’ve been together for 14 years, so talking is pretty much all we’ve done about it until now. We are at the threshold of turning this desire of the unknown into a reality. But why?

We live in a 1929 blue and white tudor home in Pensacola, FL with our 4 beautiful kids. After years of living in apartments in various cities and states, there’s an undeniable feeling of arrival and comfort. In a certain sense our life is great (we even have the white picket fence), but it’s not exactly what we want.

Looking back it’s not too hard to find clues as to why we’re compelled to do this.  We met as philosophy students and I eventually ended up with a degree in Anthropology, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that we wish to immerse ourselves in something beyond this familiar culture.


Obviously selling everything and moving with your family to a foreign country isn’t the only way to accomplish this. That would be incredibly naive. There’s nothing even inherently practical on a physiological level either, but this decision isn’t motivated by comfort. This is our family’s resolve to be bold in the face of uncertainty in an attempt to create a new path that is driven by a vision of what we want for ourselves.

We want this journey to last years, but it may only last months. The only way to figure it out though, is to begin. And that beginning starts in Quito, Ecuador!

4 thoughts on “Compelled Toward the Unknown.

  1. Love this!! I want to be there with you! Have a blast on this amazing adventure! Love you all!! Say hi to Quito for me! I have connections there still if you ever need anything! Enjoy the beauty that Ecuador holds!! Be led by the Lord and know that He is right there with you!!


  2. Wow. This news blew my mind. How does a beautiful family with 1,571 cousins who love you, decide on moving to a third world country. Courage? You didn’t have to go there to prove you have that. A bit flaky mabey? Can’t be that, that’s been in the family genes for a while. It’s gotta be to squeeze every bit of adventure out of life as you can. No fear, absolutely no fear in facing the unknown. Atta go Hanna and Grant. My love goes with you but please don’t stay too long. I see you all maybe once in 4 years and I’m beginning to miss you.

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